Guided Aboriginal Tour

Guided Aboriginal cultural awareness Tours

Come along for a bus ride and have a cultural experience and learn about traditional stories that have been handed down from Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison who is a traditional Elder from the Yuin Nation on the south coast of N.S.W, Our guide is Max Dulumunmun Harrison the 3rd and I will be the one taking you on a journey that will open your mind spirit and soul are the teachings of:

  • Camel, Koala & Elephant rock Dreaming.
  • Traditional Midden site. (our kitchen)
  • Traditional fish traps and ochre pit.
  • Billima (Turtle) Dreaming see the journey of the fresh water turtle and then the
  • Transformation into the salt water turtle.

So come along and enjoy the traditional dreaming and have an experience of a lifetime. Looking forward to having a yarn. Includes local hotel and motel pick up in Narooma