The perfect way to have fun.

This is the perfect way to have fun, do some bonding and create memories you can relive for years. If you can’t decide whether you want to fish, cruise, go whale watching or snorkel with the seals or various members of your group all want to do different things… Don’t worry! Island Charters Narooma aims to keep all it’s customers happy and have introduced the mixed adventure that features a little bit of everything.

Imagine this:

Your day begins by cruising to Montague Island,where you hear the history and some local tales from the skipper, perhaps then a little fishing, then maybe a swim followed by some morning tea, a bit more fishing, then a visit to the seal colony with some snorkelling with the seals, later a bit of a sunbake on the deck whilst listening to some music, then another quick spot of fishing and maybe some whale watching…. isn’t life grand!!!

Basically YOU decide the order and pace of the day – if you want to fish more and swim less, or maybe follow the whales, it’s all up to you!

This style of trip is ideal for exclusive bookings but if you can fit in with other groups ideas it can also be another great way to make new friends.


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